Why The Rich Must Pay for Climate Change

Online-Vortrag von Kurtis Baute am Dienstag, 01.06.2021 um 18:00 auf Englisch & Deutsch

For those who care deeply about the climate crisis there are often a lot of feelings of guilt and self-blame, and these feelings are often counterproductive or even outright misplaced. In this talk, we will look at what the science says for three very important questions: who is most affected by our changing climate? Who should bear the most responsibility for fixing this mess? What can we do to help make climate justice a reality?

After Kurtis Baute completed his Masters of Science in Environmental Science (University of Guelph), he went on to build a science YouTube channel that has been viewed over 10 million times and has been featured on VICE and BBC news. In recent years he has focussed his communication efforts entirely to the topic of climate change, whether by sealing himself in an air-tight greenhouse with several hundred plants in order to demonstrate how we interact with the air we breathe, or spending 7 days living in a tree in the direct construction path of the TransMountain oil pipeline in British Columbia, Canada.