Ecological crisis and ecofeminism

Online-Vortrag von Ana Isla, Ph.D. am Dienstag, 11.05.2021 um 18:00 auf Englisch & Deutsch

Für den Vortrag lohnt es sich, einen von Ana Isla verfassten wissenschaftlichen Artikel (in englischer Sprache) zu lesen. Er bietet eine gute Grundlage, um ihren Input besser nachvollziehen und sich aktiv an der Diskussion beiteiligen zu können. Natürlich ist eine Teilnahme aber auch problemlos möglich, ohne das Paper gelesen zu haben.

Auf Seite 6 des Artikels geht es u. a. um den spanischen Song „Canción sin miedo“ (dt.: „Lied ohne Angst“) von Vivir Quintana, der thematisch perfekt zu Ana Islas Vortrag passt. Hört doch mal auf YouTube rein!

Despite on-going debates on the ecological crisis and the search for alternatives, economic growth remains a dominant objective; therefore, the ongoing destruction of subsistence economies is the central element of what today is understood as Sustainable Development. Ecofeminists challenge this traditional anthropocentrism, and have created a political and theoretical link between feminist and socialist analysis that focus on what capitalism tends to ignore – the sphere of reproduction.

Ana Isla teaches courses in social and feminist theories. Professor Isla has two BAs, one in Education and the other in Sociology, an MA from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, and a PhD from OISE-University of Toronto. Her doctoral dissertation examined the structure and functioning of the complex Canada-Costa Rica debt-for-nature investment relationship and the projects developed by two non-governmental organizations. Her dissertation received an award in an international competition sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation for young scholars. Professor Isla’s research within the gift economy and the subsistence economy is highly reputed. Her research on ecofeminism is widely published and has secured financial support. Her scholarly work has been included in journal debates and her readers are in English- and Spanish-speaking communities. Her publications and conference presentations have been picked up by the popular media several times because of their relevance to policy development, as well as to broad social concerns. Professor Isla is currently conducting research in two areas: an exploration of subsistence economies in the Peruvian rainforest, and mining in Latin America. Dr. Isla has a positive international reputation and serves as a Board Member for both the Canadian Woman Studies and Capitalism Nature Socialism journals.

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